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The Sales Engine Powering Your Gallery at No Cost To You

Maximize Profits with Free Access to Data-Driven Selling Opportunities

90% of Artworks

Receive interest within the first week


In Sales


In Average Order Value

7 Days

Average Closing Time

AI for Your Art Business

Our AI precisely targets ideal buyers for your client’s artwork

Maximum Reach, Minimum Exposure

Our privacy tech-stack protects its details, and ensures you only share details to genuine buyers.

Boost Your Sales at no cost to you

Our technology works around the clock to discretely and precisely offer your artwork to the best buyers for it.

Elevate Your Sales with
AI Matching & Ultimate Privacy


Step 1

Submit an Artwork

Securely submit your artwork's details and a LiveArt Specialist will reach out to confirm the artwork's details, pricing, and any restrictions


Step 2

Artwork anonymization

Our AI crafts a subtle description of your artwork. Only buyers you approve access a secure, AI-protected factsheet


Step 3

Matchmaking and Buyer Validation

We pinpoint the top five potential buyers and approach them with this discreet description


Step 4

Close the deal

One we have an offer, we collaborate with you to finalize the sale.

The Best Buying Experience for Art

Buyers can discover their perfect artwork quickly and effortlessly with our AI-powered matching and a seamless purchasing process, all at highly competitive commission rates

Let Our AI Do the Work For You


Maximum Security

Our technology creates a description for your artworks that obscures all sensitive information leaving only the artist name, category, and price

Intelligent Matching

AI identifies top buyers for your artwork discreetly, offering live updates of interest without compromising your artwork's sensitive details such as image, title, year or dimensions

Visibility Under Your Control

Decide who gets to see the full details and images of your artwork. Chosen buyers access a secure, AI-protected factsheet

We Are Committed to Protecting Your Art

Our technology guarantees informed decision-making, allowing you to share sensitive information only with qualified buyers. Tailored to maintain your artwork's privacy while connecting with your ideal buyer

Close Deals Quickly and Securely


No deal no fee

We are so confident in our solution that we offer it free of charge until a sale is done. When you win we both win.

Close with Confidence

Once we have an offer, we collaborate with you to finalize the sale, ensuring the best possible result for you.

Cost-effective deal terms

Get real-time offers with transparent deal structures and enjoy the lowest seller fees and quickest settlement timelines in the industry

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